4° Edition

November 22nd - 23rd, 2021


4° Edition

Wedding Industry Meeting 2021

An exclusive format dedicated to the wedding industry professionals in Tuscany


November 22nd - 23rd, 2021


The Event

Wedding Industry Meeting is the event dedicated to Tuscan vendors operating in the wedding industry.

Conceived by Tommaso Corsini, founder/general manager of Corsini.Events Group, the event aims to collect the fragmented market of private events and weddings into a single collector. The ultimate goal is to make Tuscany a leader in the national and international wedding market, with the aim of developing common communication strategies.

The Format

Wedding industry Meeting is divided into two strategic and educational moments: B2B appointments scheduled between wedding planners and sector professionals; training conferences on various market changes.

During the meetings, national and international wedding planners will have the opportunity to get to know and deal with highly specialized vendors from Tuscany, such as flower designers, catering, photographers, videomakers, communication experts, service, hotels, venues, etc.

The panel discussion that characterizes the event is a moment of interaction and training during which experts, journalists or bloggers present their analysis of the market trend, with moments of comparison on the news and curiosities of the industry.

The Sponsors

Event & Production Partner

Wedding Industry Meeting was born from an idea of Tommaso Corsini, founder and general manager of Corsini.Events and Event & Production Partner of the event.

Host Destination Partner

Tuscany for Weddings, Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau‘s wedding division, born in 2015 in partnership with Toscana Promozione Turistica, is the sponsor body of the event. Tuscany for Weddings was born with the aim of aggregating all the professionals who operate in the wedding industry in the Tuscan territory.

WIM 2020 online edition

As you know, WIM is a moment of discussion and sharing. For this reason we have decided to create a very special online experience, so as to “meet” virtually, waiting for the next edition!

Wednesday 11 November 2020 from 10am to 12pm Tommaso Corsini (Founder & CEO Corsini Events Group) and Carlotta Ferrari (Director of Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau and Tuscany For Weddings) will be the moderators of 4 discussion panels.

The panels will be attended by professionals from the wedding and communication industry who will talk about the current situation of the Wedding Industry. Watch the video!

The Program

11 November 2020

10am - 12pm on ZOOM

1st Panel

PAOLA PIZZO Sposi Magazine
SAMAR SHAWAREB Arabian Weddings
MATTEO TOSI Wedding Fashion Blog
ALESSANDRA CAMPAGNOLA Digital Strategist settore Wedding


Analysis and considerations on customer behavior: at national level is there still trust among industry operators and couples who intend to get married? How to interpret the mood of the market this year, 2021 and even the years to come.

2nd Panel

LORENZO MOSTI Digital Strategist – Sinerbit
INES PESCE CEO e Marketing Strategist – Daruma


How has the wedding industry adapted to this new scenario through digitalization?

The use of digital has affected all levels of the industry, a phenomenon that has grown exponentially in the last year compared to the last 10 years. Together with Sinerbit we will  understand the merits, defects, limits of digitization and what are the future perspectives.

3rd Panel

ANNA FRASCISCO Anna Frascisco Luxury Event
JD Events
Elisa Mocci Events


Reprotection and displacements, what will this entail in the seasons to come? What is changing from customers and demand? Will new marriages be the same as pre-covid marriages? Behavior of suppliers to deal with the emergency.

Three actors belonging to the Wedding Industry talk about their personal experience

4th Panel

Industry associations


To date, what has been done and what has been rejected by the Government for our categories, the work carried out by the same trade associations and the future perspectives for the industry.


Host Destination Partner

Event & Production Partner

Digital Partner

Media Partner

Host Destination Partner

Event & Production Partner

Digital Partner

Media Partner


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